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Amazing Calculator Tricks

John Carrington Magic Shows

Calculator Magic Made Easy

Can Houdini escape? Ask someone to help calculate. Tell the story... If Houdini can't escape in 3 minutes he will drown. Multiply 11669 by 3 and read the answer upside down. Try it at home NOW to see the answer!

Over 80 Tricks! The price is $19.95. Problem Solving
Calculator available $4.95. Postage and handling included.
Easy to Read Instructions

"Amaze your family and fool your friends!"

"This is a great way to excite students about reading and mathematics using magic!"

"Professional Magicians can now add a calculator to their bag of tricks!"

This book builds a joy for learning and numbers. Whether you are beginning or advanced, "Calculator Magic Made Easy" will make you look like a genius!

The author is John T Carrington. He has a Master of Science Degree in Adult Education from the University of Maryland. His 30 years of magic has earned him recognition from The International Brotherhood Of Magicians, the Yogi Magic Club and Clowns Of America. He entertains full time in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. John hosts a radio show and two television programs. However, he still finds time to teach magic!

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